Quinoa in Tamil

People around the world want to know how to say quinoa in Tamil.

And we completely understand why.

Tamil is, after all, an amazing language. It’s ancient and quite unique, as you’ll see.

And quinoa itself? Well, you know what we think about that! But in case you don’t, we’ll tell you more about it shortly.

And then finally we’ll tell you how to spell quinoa in the Tamil language!

But first let’s talk about quinoa...


What shall we say about quinoa?

It’s a nutritious gluten-free alternative to wheat.

You might think it’s a grain. But it’s actually a seed.

It’s low in carbs. It has a lower glycemic index. And it’s a complete protein.

It’s a food that both you and your dog can eat! Hopefully not out of the same bowl...

It’ll even do your laundry… Well, maybe not. But people have been known to make soap out of its natural protective saponin covering!

But if there’s something in this world that can match the grandeur of quinoa, the Tamil language is a very close contender...

The Tamil language

I’m honestly fascinated by the Tamil language.

70 million people speak it -- mostly in India.

Why am I so fascinated by Tamil? After all -- you might say -- Hindi and Telugu have more native speakers than does Tamil. What’s the big deal about Tamil?

Let me explain...

Tamil is a very ancient language. It’s considered one of the oldest classical languages in the world.

It’s existed for over 2,000 years and has a rich body of literature. Archaeologists have even found Tamil on a number of artefacts.

So Tamil is an ancient and remarkable language. It’s no wonder that people who speak it want to know how to spell quinoa -- the ancient and remarkable seed that it is!

So... quinoa, meet Tamil. Tamil, meet quinoa...

Quinoa in Tamil

As I’ve said, both quinoa and Tamil are ancient and unique. But amazingly the two haven’t been acquainted… until recently!

It’s clear that Tamil speakers are hungry for quinoa. And they’re demanding that their hunger be satisfied.

Quinoa is native to South America. But recently it’s started appearing in India.

So, sadly there is no word for quinoa in Tamil.

OK, so what do we do? Well, if we can’t translate quinoa into Tamil, we can transliterate it. We do the same thing in Hindi and in Telugu -- two other Indian languages.

Actually, even the English word quinoa is itself a transliteration into English.

So... without further ado, here’s how to spell quinoa in Tamil...

Quinoa in Tamil

What's next?

Figure out where to buy quinoa -- maybe even bulk quinoa -- so that you can cook it and make some delicious recipes with it!

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