Quinoa Pasta Reviews: Ronzoni Spaghetti

Welcome to this first installment in our quinoa pasta reviews series. Today we’ll be reviewing Ronzoni’s Gluten-Free Spaghetti.

Now, you can ask those who know me. They’ll tell you that I love pasta. I used to eat it for breakfast, dinner, and sometimes even lunch -- all in the same day!

I don’t eat noodles as frequently anymore for two reasons. First, I’m blessed to have a wife who makes a lot of really tasty things that don’t involve pasta.

The second reason is a little less encouraging. At some point along the way I developed a problem with wheat -- or the gluten in wheat, to be precise. And since all pasta that I knew about at the time was made of wheat I had to stop eating pasta all together.

So when I see some gluten-free pasta at the store -- I take notice. And when that gluten-free pasta has quinoa in it -- well, I simply must buy it and try it.

And that’s just what we did the other day. We bought some gluten-free pasta that had quinoa as one of it’s ingredients.

I instantly thought that I should write about it in a quinoa pasta reviews series for the sake of inquiring minds -- like yours! So, here we are...

My disclaimer

By the way, let me just say that Ronzoni isn’t paying me to write this review. My quinoa pasta reviews cannot be bought! So I think I’m fairly unbiased.

One thing I will mention -- if you decide to follow the links below to buy some of this pasta -- and I actually recommend that you don’t (keep reading to find out why...) -- then I do make a little commission from Amazon.

So, I’ve tried to just write a review that’s honest and -- I hope -- helpful to you.

Alright. On to the review...

Quinoa pasta reviews: Ronzoni Gluten Free Spaghetti

The box

I’ll start with the box. I know that’s a little unusual in a quinoa pasta reviews series. But for some reason I was really impressed with the container these noodle came in. I honestly have never taken as much notice of a box as I did with this spaghetti! It’s OK. You can laugh at me.

The instructions explained well how to cook the pasta and what to do with it afterwards. In particular, the box points out that adding salt reduces stickiness. I honestly never knew that.

The box also provided a “Perfect Pasta Guide” which gives you a table that shows how much water and salt you need for a number of different servings sizes -- 2, 3, and 6 servings.

It also tells you how long to boil the noodles for the desired consistency -- to reach al dente, firm, or tender.

Lastly, the box gives a recommendation for storing the pasta. Just toss the noodles with some sauce or oil and refrigerate. Helpful.

So, that’s the box. Still with me? Good! Let’s talk about the pasta itself...

The pasta!

Ronzoni Gluten Free Spaghetti includes a three different grains -- rice, corn, and quinoa.

It had a nice consistency, for gluten-free pasta. And the taste was good -- especially when it’s warm. But here’s a warning. As the pasta got cooler it also became a little bitter. But when I warmed it back up to eat it the second time the bitterness was gone. So I think the key is to keep it warm or even hot to avoid the bitterness.

Now, Ronzoni isn’t the only pasta to leave me with a kind of bitter taste. We ate DeBoles Gluten Free Spaghetti Rice Pasta the other day. It too tended to be bitter for me. I don’t know why...

Overall, though, I liked this spaghetti and would recommend it if you’re looking for gluten-free noodles. Just keep it warm.

Our family ended up putting spaghetti sauce on it and topped it with our tuna quinoa burgers recipe and some veggies. Give it a try!

Now, I found this pasta in Walmart’s gluten-free section and paid $2.12 for it. That’s way cheaper than anything I found on Amazon (the links I just gave you in the preceding paragraph). But I suppose with Amazon you pay for convenience.

I would just recommend that you try to find this in a local grocery store. It might save you a bit of money.

What do you think?

Do you agree with this review? Disagree? Not quite sure? Leave a comment below.

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