Quinoa Bulk

Sooner or later you’ll be looking for a good deal on quinoa bulk -- that is, if you’re an avid fan of quinoa like my hungry family is.

One pound or twelve ounces of this wonderful seed is fine for the quinoa amateur. But it simply won’t do for connoisseurs of quinoa like you and me!

But where do you find it? How do you begin your search? What should you consider a “bulk” amount of quinoa? And how much should you expect to pay for it?

We're about to get the answers to these questions...

BUT -- If you'd like to skip the details and get right to buying 25-pound bags of quinoa, visit our bulk quinoa online store below.

And if you just want to know what the best deal on packages of quinoa that weigh 25 pounds or more, see the current best deal below.

What is Quinoa Bulk?

A bulk amount of quinoa is not twelve ounces.

It’s not one pound.

As far as our hungry family is concerned even five pounds isn’t worthy of the label “bulk.”

Ten pounds is getting closer…

But for us, the amount of quinoa we’d have to purchase in order for us to consider it to be a bulk order is something like twenty-five pounds.

How much could you expect to pay for twenty-five pounds of quinoa, anyway?

Quinoa Bulk Price

Expect to pay about $100 for a twenty-five pound bag of dry quinoa. That’s $4 per pound.

However, a few factors can change that price.

For example, you’ll pay more if you need the quinoa shipped to your home. But then again you might be able to find a sweet free-shipping deal on the web.

The question you're probably asking now is -- how do I even find bulk quinoa that I can buy it?

Buy Quinoa Bulk

You can buy quinoa in one of two ways...

Buy Locally

First, see if you can find it in a local health food store. Call around!

The benefits to buying local are legion. You don’t have to pay for shipping. And you get to contribute to your friendly local health food store!

Buy Online

Your second option is to buy online.

Now you just need to figure out what kind of quinoa you want to buy.

Regular white -- or "pearl" -- quinoa is typically the cheapest. Organic and kosher quinoa are more expensive. And red quinoa (whether organic or not) also tends to be more expensive...

Regular white quinoa

Current Best Deal

Here's our recommendation for bulk quinoa...

A company called Roland sells 25 pounds of white quinoa for right around $100.00. You can actually get it cheaper if you choose to order it regularly.

Shipping is free and Amazon is in charge of everything, so you know you're in good hands.

Most customers who bought the product give it 5 out of 5 stars.

But before you buy it, you might want to read my warning about this product here. I just want to make sure you're going into this with both eyes open.

And pretty soon that 25 pound bag of quinoa is going to be empty. Never fear! You can keep abreast of the best deals on bulk quinoa by signing up for our newsletter below. Every month we'll send out an update with the best deal on bulk quinoa.

The best price I’ve seen so far is from a place called IFS Bulk. At the time I made this page they were selling twenty-five pounds of non-organic pearl (white) quinoa for $3.40 per pound. Shipping to my home would add $15. So when all is said and done it would cost around $100.

So we ordered IFS Bulk's quinoa, and... Well, it was crunchy. The quinoa was fine, but there was other stuff in the quinoa that crunched every time we bit it. So, we returned it.

I wish I had read the good advice on this page before wasting the money. Fortunately for you, you can learn from my experience. So give that article a read.

Is there anything better online?

Organic White, Regular Red Quinoa, and Organic Red Quinoa

Just check out our store below for some great deals on all sorts of quinoa!

Wholesale Quinoa Bulk

Businesses -- like health food stores or restaurants -- can get quinoa cheaper than most consumers can.

Why? Because they buy a minimum amount -- maybe something like $500 worth of quinoa per month. In exchange they get significant discounts.

There are a number of wholesale quinoa distributors. The one our local health food store uses is called United Natural Foods.

If you own a healthy restaurant or a health food store -- or I guess if you’re planning to eat $500 of quinoa per month! -- then check-out UNF.

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