Where to Buy Quinoa

Do you know where to buy quinoa?

Maybe you’ve never bought it before and need some tried-and-trusted guidance on finding this complete protein.

Or perhaps you’ve bought quinoa before. But you just want to make sure there isn’t a better way to do it. It never hurts to do some more research to find the best deals, right?

In either case this page is for you.

Let’s talk about buying quinoa...

Where to buy quinoa, quinoa flakes, flour, pasta, and bread

Buy quinoa

Buy local

We’ve bought quinoa from a number of different local stores.

Most recently we’ve made use of the local health food store in town. We just bought a 25-pound bag for $95.00 (USD throughout this page). That’s a competitive $3.80 / pound.

Before we found this store we bought quinoa at an amish “country store” nearby. Their price was about the same.

And before the country store, we bought our quinoa at Whole Foods. Their house brand ran about $3.99 / pound.

We always ask if the store will give us a discount for buying in bulk. You should too. Don’t assume they’ll offer it to you if you don’t ask.

Buy online

We try to buy local -- no extra shipping costs and we get to support our community.

But we've found some promising leads online.

I made sure only the highest-rated quinoa flakes would show up when you click that link above. You can thank me later!

Buy quinoa flour

We found quinoa flour at -- you guessed it -- that amish country store!

But we’d rather make it ourselves. It’s simple. All you need to do is grind quinoa in a coffee grinder. Voila! You have quinoa flour.

But the coffee grinder only makes a little bit of flour. If you need a larger amount pull out your grain grinder. You’ll have a ton of quinoa flour in short order.

Buy quinoa pasta

We’ve bought quinoa pasta -- the spiral, elbow, and spaghetti varieties -- at the amish country store and at Whole Foods.

We also have a recipe for quinoa noodles -- the thick kind you serve with gravy -- we’ll need to share on this site soon.

With gluten sensitivity on the rise even Walmart.com is carrying quinoa pasta these days! But be aware that quinoa pasta usually contains corn. Not ideal if you have a corn allergy.

Buy quinoa bread

We’ve never bought quinoa bread. But we’ve made it ourselves. We’ll have to put our recipe on the site soon...

A company called Three Bakers makes a gluten-free 7-grain bread that includes quinoa. You can buy it online. Or you can use their website’s store locator to find where to buy it offline.

Where to buy quinoa seeds

Apparently the quinoa you cook up and eat can also be planted in the ground -- before you eat it, of course!

It’s a seed after all. Seeds sprout. And if it sprouts then it should work.

But if you want to be on the safe side you can buy quinoa seeds that haven’t been pre-soaked -- to remove the saponins -- or processed. Personally, I would make this purchase online since I don’t know of any local stores that sell this kind of quinoa seed.

The most promising site I’ve seen that sells quinoa seeds is WildGardenSeed.com. Their page on quinoa seeds is informative and helpful. They’ll sell you 500 seeds for $3.00 -- at least that's what they were doing when I wrote this page. And they even tell you how and where to grow it.

Where to buy quinoa cheap and in bulk

Where to buy quinoa in bulk

If you search for bulk quinoa you’ll see that marketers use that term “bulk” pretty loosely. I saw the following as a search result -- “Quinoa 5 Pounds Bulk.” Since when has 5 pounds been considered bulk? Never, in my book.

Personally, when I think of bulk quinoa I think of something more like 25 pounds or greater. And like I said above I just bought this much for $95. If you’re asked to pay much more, try to find it cheaper somewhere else.

Where to buy cheap quinoa

One time we found 25 pounds of quinoa for $75 -- $3 / pound! And it was organic, even. What a mighty fine deal that was.

Maybe the time of year played a factor in the price. Or maybe the store that sold us the quinoa used a distributor that wanted to clear out their inventory. Who knows. But we’ve never seen such a deal since then. Maybe you will. Let us know!

Again, if you find it for under $4 / pound you’ve come across what I’d consider to be cheap quinoa.

Where to buy quinoa in Chicago

Why focus on where to buy quinoa in Chicago, you wonder? Why not Melbourne or Sydney or Toronto or New York or London or...

Well, I say, why not focus on Chicago! It’s as good a place to start as any...

Buying quinoa in Chicago

There are a number of places in Chicago that sell quinoa...

Whole Foods carries quinoa for about $4 / pound. And they have a plethora of stores in the Chicagoland area. For example, their...

  • Lincoln Park location at 1550 N Kingsbury

  • Sauganash location at 6020 N Cicero Ave

  • Halsted and Waveland location at 3640 N Halsted St

Trader Joe's also sells quinoa at their Chicago locations...

  • 1147 S Wabash Ave

  • 44 E Ontario St

  • 1840 N Clybourn Ave

  • 667 W Diversey Pkwy

  • 3745 N Lincoln Ave

Some smaller non-chain stores in Chicago sell quinoa too. Here are a few that I’ve found...

  • Newleaf Natural Grocery on 1261 W Loyola Ave (newleafnatural.com) -- This is the only store in this list that matches Whole Foods’ price. I would try them first. Tell ‘em Paul sent ya!

  • Amish Healthy Foods on 1023 N Western Ave (amishhealthyfoods.com)

  • Green Grocer Chicago on 1402 W Grand Ave (greengrocerchicago.com)

  • True Nature Foods on 6034 N Broadway (truenaturefoods.com)

  • The Dill Pickle Food Co-op on 3039 W Fullerton Ave (dillpickle.coop)

Where to buy quinoa in India

I'll just be up front and say that I've never been to India. I've watched movies about India. I even strongly considered moving to India with my family several years ago. But I've never been there.

Alright, with that said, I do have a great interest in helping folks from India get their hands on quinoa.

If I lived in India and wanted quinoa, I'd start with Ebay India. They have a number of packages of quinoa available. All prices are in Indian Rupees. All measurements are in grams.

I'd also look at my local stores and try to find a place that sells Satvikk. That's an Indian company that sells quinoa at a decent price.

You could also try to find quinoa from Organic India.

I'm sure there are a number of other stores and companies that sell quinoa in India. But this is a good start.

Where to buy quinoa elsewhere

If you want to know where to buy quinoa in any other city without buying it online, do the following...

  • Search the phone book for “health food stores,” “grocery stores,” etc. Call every one of these stores until you find quinoa! If they don’t have it maybe they know of a store that does.

  • Ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We were connected to a great deal through a lady at church. She directed us to an obscure store that sold quinoa for cheap.

  • Ask your doctor or alternative medicine practitioner. If you have diabetes for example your doctor may recommend where you can find foods that don’t spike your blood sugar... like quinoa!

  • Search the internet for health food stores in your area. Call or e-mail every store until you find what you’re looking for. Maybe one of them would even order some specially for you.

What’s next?

Now you know where to buy quinoa.

If you’ve just bought some quinoa as a result of our advice, congratulations! Now you’re ready to make some marvelous healthy creations using our quinoa recipes.

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