How to Cook Quinoa Grain

Quinoa Cooking on a StoveQuinoa Cooking on a Stove

It's easy to learn how to cook quinoa grain. We already have some written steps laid out here. But sometimes pictures and text just aren't enough.

Some people learn best through reading. Others through doing. And still other through watching.

This page is intended to help you cook quinoa if watching is what helps you to learn.

We have a few short easy videos embedded below that we think will help you learn how to cook quinoa. Each has something the others don't have, so you'll want to watch every one of them.

Along the way we'll also provide our comments.

So, let's get started cooking quinoa!

How to cook quinoa grain: Short and simple

I appreciate several things about this video produced by Cooking Light.

First, it's short. The total run-time for the video is 1:22. But the instructions last for only about one minute. The last 22 seconds is just filler.

Second, the lady from Cooking Light points out something we've also found to be true. She says that all quinoa in the United States comes pre-rinsed.

We pointed this out on our page about quinoa saponins. Even while preparing this page on cooking quinoa I came across a few videos that mention this "bitter saponin" problem that quinoa has. This video by perpetuates that idea.

Quinoa in the wild indeed does have saponins which are bitter and not pleasant to eat. However, as this video says, most if not all quinoa comes pre-rinsed.

Cooking Light recommends putting the quinoa in a sieve and then putting the sieve in a bowl full of water. That's an interesting idea. We usually put the quinoa in a sieve and then just run it under the faucet. But to each his own!

So, Cooking Light puts on a good video. It's probably all you need to know about how to cook quinoa. But we found two more videos we thought would interest you.

They both have their own unique contribution to the world of cooking quinoa. In fact, one claims to reveal the secret to cooking perfect quinoa...

How to cook quinoa grain: The secret to perfect quinoa

Ms. France Morissette from Beyond the Peel claims to have a secret for you.

Yes, her secret is how to make perfect quinoa every time. A lofty ambition, indeed.

What is her secret, you ask? Well, you should really watch the video to find out. But the basic idea is that you should toast your quinoa before boiling it.

It's a good idea, actually. It's something we did with our quinoa pilaf recipe with great success.

Toasting or roasting quinoa gives it a golden-brown color, a bit-stiffer of a texture, and a darker nutty flavor.

France uses olive oil but says you could use butter or coconut oil. I know in our house we'd use grape seed oil because it can withstand higher temperatures than olive oil. But any of these mediums would work.

Alright -- now on to our last recipe for cooking quinoa. This time it doesnt involve a secret... It involves a rice cooker.

How to cook quinoa grain: In a rice cooker

In this simple recipe video, Axille from the Philippines shows us how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker -- an ingenious idea!

Just rinse the quinoa, put it and some water in the rice cooker, set it on the white rice setting if there's an option, and let the cooker cook!

She gives some other helpful tips and facts. For example, you put in twice the amount of water as you do quinoa. So one cup of quinoa calls for two cups of water. That's a pretty commonly-known fact.

The other involves the fridge-life of quinoa. Axille says it's one week. That's helpful to know! Though I imagine if you're like our family, quinoa doesn't last one week in you fridge... it's gone way before then!

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