Quinoa Pasta

The shear mention of quinoa pasta is music to my ears.

It might be hard for you to understand how much I genuinely enjoy pasta. In my old college days I would eat pasta for at least two meals per day.

Then I discovered I had an issue with gluten. And I did one of these -- :(

Until... I came across pasta made not of wheat but of quinoa!

Let's talk about it and help you find your perfect pasta.

So, what'll it be? Elbow? Penne? Linguine? Spaghetti? Rotelle? Fusilli? Or Pagoda?

If you're mind is made up already and you want to buy something right now, visit our online quinoa pasta store below.

Elbow Macaroni

If you haven't heard of Ancient Harvest yet, you will. If you're at all interested in quinoa products you'll come across their name often. They make a lot of stuff from quinoa.

And pasta is no exception.

They make elbow pasta in individual 8-ounce packages or a 12-pack of their 8-ounce packages.

The ingredients include organic corn flour in addition to organic quinoa flour. But this shouldn't be a problem unless you have an allergy to corn.


I've never heard of a brand called Nature's Earthly Choice before. But they're the brand that sells quinoa noodles in the penne form.

They include corn and rice flour along with quinoa for their penne pasta.

Linguine & Spaghetti

I shall not assume that everyone knows the difference between linguine and spaghetti.

Linguine is like fettuccine -- the long flat noodles, but it's more round than it is flat.

Spaghetti is completely round.


What is Rotelle, you ask?

You might refere to this type of noodle by another name -- maybe "spirals" or something like that?

Rotelle is basically spiral-shaped noodles.


Fusilli is another uncommon form of pasta.

If Rotelle is short thick spirals -- and it is -- then Fusilli is long thin spirals.

Pagoda Pasta

I saved the best -- or at least the most unusual -- for last.

You have to admit -- you haven't heard of pagoda pasta before.

OK, maybe you have. But you certainly haven't heard of pagoda quinoa pasta! Until now...

Ancient Harvest sells a whopping 10-pound case of this unique pasta here.

Don't ask me to describe the shape to you -- because I really can't! You'll just need to visit their product page and look for yourself.

Do you wonder why the pasta is different colors? It's the result of dried red bell peppers and spinach added to the mix.

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