Is Quinoa Safe for Dogs?

Is Quinoa Safe for Dogs -- like this one?

Let’s answer the question that’s howling in your mind -- is quinoa safe for dogs?

Some might ask, “why would anyone wonder about this?” Well, as any competent dog owner knows -- dogs can’t always eat the same food that you and I do. Maybe you’ve learned this the hard way...

My dad tells a story from his childhood. It involved his beloved dog Rex and a bunch of chocolate…

Yeah, if you’re a dog-lover you know how that turned out. We’ll just say that poor Rex was sick as a dog...

But what about quinoa? Is quinoa like chocolate? Is it bad for your dog?

Humans can eat quinoa. But… can your dog eat it?

Is quinoa safe for dogs? How would you know?

I’ll give this disclaimer right up front. No dogs were harmed or experimented on while making this page.

OK, so if I can’t test quinoa on a real live dog how do I know if it’s safe for Fido or not? Simple. I just looked around at different types of reputable dog food. I checked their ingredients. And what did I find? You might not believe it -- but I found quinoa!

Quinoa in dog food?

You heard it right. There are several lines of brand-name dog food that feature quinoa. You can browse them at our online quinoa dog food store below.

Here are some of them...


For starters, a company called JustFoodForDogs offers something called the Pork Tenderloin and Fuji Apple Special. In addition to kale, apples, and pork this special treat for your canine friend boasts quinoa as one of it’s premium ingredients.

And JustFoodForDogs isn’t some fly-by-night operation. They were actually featured on CNBC for their high-quality dog food. Isn’t that amazing? Dog food whose quality rivals what most humans eat!

Solid Gold

Then I visited PetCo -- the popular pet store chain. What did I find there?

I found some dog food geared especially toward adult dogs called Sun Dancer Holistic Dog Food with Chicken and Potatoes by Solid Gold. Again, quinoa is one of the main ingredients.


Have you heard of Canidae before? This company makes Life Stages Bakery Snacks Dog Treats. And what should happen to be included in such a high-class dog snack? I’ll give you a hint. If you didn't guess quinoa then you’re barking up the wrong tree!


Pinnacle also has a dog food called Grain Free Peak Protein. Folks claim that it helped their dog overcome some strange health issues. Could we attribute this health reversal -- at least partially -- to our beloved pseudo-grain? I think so!

Many other brands

I found several other brands of dog food that contain quinoa. But I think I’ve mentioned enough of them already. Check them out on our online store below.

What would these brands say to our question -- is quinoa safe for dogs?

So… is quinoa safe for dogs???

Yes, quinoa is safe for dogs. Dog food companies include this super-grain in their products. And the customers -- along with their owners -- are satisfied.

One caution though. I would advise cooking your quinoa before feeding it to your four-legged friend. Uncooked quinoa can cause upset stomach for dogs -- just like it can for humans.

So yes -- you heard it here first -- quinoa definitely should go to the dogs!

But where can you fetch yourself some of this dog-friendly chow? I'm glad you asked...

Sink your canines (and your canine's canines) into some dog-safe quinoa!

Browse our online quinoa dog food store to fetch the best deals on dog food that unleashes the nutrition of quinoa for your furry friend...

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