Quinoa in Telugu

How do you say quinoa in Telugu?

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We’re going to talk first about quinoa itself.

Then we’ll learn about the Telugu language.

And lastly we’ll discover how to pronounce the name of this nutritious seed in the Telugu language.

So hold one as we make the trip from South America to India in a few short paragraphs!


Quinoa’s fame has spread even to India where Telugu is widely spoken. 

And this nutritious seed originated from the Andes Mountains region of South America.

Quinoa has a lot to commend itself to the health-conscious consumer who wants the most bang for his buck -- or rupee if you’re buying it in India!

Quinoa is loaded with nutrients, protein, and good fats.

It’s also low in carbohydrates, glycemic index, and calories.

There’s so much to love about quinoa. It’s no wonder it found it’s way from the mountains of South America to the land of India...

The Telugu Language

If you’re visiting this web site from India and you know this language then you probably know all you need to know. You can skip ahead to the next section.

But for those who may be visiting from elsewhere or don’t know Telugu, I’ll say a few things about this unique language.

75 million people natively speak Telugu (pronounced: “TELL-uh-goo”).

That makes it the 3rd most popular language in India and the 13th worldwide.

It’s no wonder that such a wildly popular seed like quinoa should finally meet up with an equally popular language like Telugu.

But now that quinoa is gaining such popularity in India -- as well as everywhere else! -- we need a word for quinoa in Telugu...

What is quinoa in Telugu?

Is there a word in Telugu for “quinoa”? Actually, no.

But don’t worry!

When we don’t have a word in one language that exists in another language we sometimes do something called transliterate. We just take the letters of the original word and make them fit with the alphabet of the other language.

In this case the “Telugu-ized” word for quinoa would be…

What's Next?

Would you also be curious to know how to say quinoa in Hindi?

Or maybe you just want to buy some, cook it, and make it into some delicious recipes!

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