Red Quinoa Nutrition

Red quinoa nutrition is identical to that of white quinoa. I hope that doesn’t make you see red.

It’s a fact. The USDA’s Standard Reference doesn’t give any distinction between white and red quinoa. It’s all just quinoa. And it all has the same great nutritional content!

So, we’ve talked about the nutritional facts of white quinoa already. You can go read it if you want to. But we’ll go ahead and give you the highlights on this page, too. One can never get enough nutritional data, can one?

Red quinoa nutrition at a glance

So, here’s a grid of all the quinoa nutritional facts that we could gather on red quinoa.

The figures below are all for a ½ cup of cooked red quinoa.

Nutrient Name

Amount per ½ Cup (92.5g) Cooked Quinoa

Nutrient Name

Amount per ½ Cup (92.5g) Cooked Quinoa




20 grams


2 grams

Net carbs...

17 grams



Glycemic Index...





4 grams

Amino acids...

All 9 -- making it a complete protein

Vitamins and minerals...

See here.

Did you read that? Gluten-free, low in calories, high in protein... No cholesterol, low fat. This is one inc-RED-ible seed.

But how does it compare with other similar foods? Let's take a look...

Red quinoa nutrition comparison with other foods

Serving size to serving size, quinoa holds it's own with other mainstays in world of food.

A ½ cup of red quinoa has…

  • Fewer calories than 2 slices of white bread or 1 baked potato

  • Lower saturated (AKA “bad”) fat and higher polyunsaturated (AKA “good”) fat than white bread or white rice

  • Absolutely no cholesterol or gluten

  • Fewer carbs than spaghetti or white rice

  • A lower Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load than a white potato or white rice

  • All 9 essential amino acids, which makes it a complete protein -- rare for plant-based foods

  • More protein than couscous or white rice.

Get some now!

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