Quinoa Baby Food Recipe

Quinoa Baby Food Messy but Happy Face

We’re really excited to share our quinoa baby food recipe with you. Why?

Well, we know what it’s like having a young life to care for. It’s your privilege — and duty! — to feed and nourish your little one.

And sometimes it’s a real challenge to find something healthy.

Walk down the baby food aisle in your local grocery store… How old are those bottled carrots? They look a little discolored… Are they too watered-down? WIll they give my baby the nutrients he needs?

You love your baby and want the best for him. And we truly believe that this recipe will help you give your baby the best!

Click here to go straight to the recipe. Otherwise keep reading for some personal background about how we developed this baby food

Our experience with this recipe

Lori actually came up with this recipe when our youngest son was just starting to eat solid foods. He was less than a year old at that time.

In our family we don’t eat a whole lot of rice. Neither do we eat canned foods very often. So we knew we needed to come up with an alternative that would be healthy and at the same time provide the nutrition our baby needed.

Jonathan — our youngest — didn’t want to eat anything from a spoon for the longest time! In fact, it took him about 10 months to eat anything other than milk. But when we put this yummy quinoa baby food recipe before him he could hardly get enough! We were amazed.

Part of the beauty of this recipe is how easy it is to add any sort of healthy vegetable to it. We tried…

  • cucumber
  • spinach
  • romaine lettuce
  • celery
  • green peppers

And here’s a little tip — the green peppers work especially well when baby is constipated.

Alright — without further ado, let’s get to the quinoa baby food recipe!

Ingredients for this quinoa baby food recipe

  • Quinoa, cooked
  • Steamed carrots
  • Oil
  • Water

We found that carrots worked especially well. But you can try any other vegetables — cooked or raw.

Raw?? Yes! For example, you can even try raw mild lettuces.

We’ve usually combined raw and steamed vegetables. So for instance, we’ve used steamed broccoli and steamed green beans and then added raw romaine lettuce or spinach. Amazingly, it works!

OK, we have the ingredients. Pretty simple. Now let’s put them together!

How to make this quinoa baby food recipe

Here it is. No big surprise. Nothing too difficult. Drum roll please…

  1. Blend
  2. Stir
  3. Blend again…
  4. Repeat until smooth

What do we use to blend this baby food? We have a Vita Mix. It does the trick! But a regular blender would work just fine.

In fact, one time we used Lori’s mom’s blender. It did the trick! And Jonathan didn’t even know the difference!

Now the spoon is in your hand!

Now you give it a try!

If you’re like us, we think you’ll feel great knowing that your own hands have made something wonderfully healthy — and tasty — for your baby.

And let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your experiences. Just leave us a comment below…